NÄSTA (Swedish for “next”) is a yearly design workshop by Ikea’s product development team in Asia. In the run-up to 20th anniversary of Ikea’s presence in China, the workshop encourages young designers to search for inspirations through field studies, as an attempt to fulfill the future needs for better and sustainable co-living in the wake of rapid progress of urbanization worldwide.

Director: Olivier Wyart
DOP Shooting: Jason Zhou (小黑)
Producer: Charles Renard
Producer: Fabrice Sanchez
Editor: José Salto
Music: Philippe Wyart
Script: Fang YuXiang
Studio Shoot: E3 Studio
Sound Recording: Gaetan Lourmiere
VO talent: Luke Nestler
IKEA project manager: Ke Chenyi
IKEA Facilitators: Clara Jiang, Eric Chen, David Wahl,
Yian Huang, Willy Chong, Richard Clack, Dora Ding
IKEA Communication Support: Julia Shen
Students: Hang Meng, Xun Ran, Zhang mingyang,
Ruan yepen, Zhang xintong, Zhang jiaying
University: Tongji, China Academy of Art
Taiwan Cheng Kung University
Extra talents: Steak, Tavi, Zeus

Creative Agency: FlagShip
Production House: IDCreation